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kobb_cheetah [userpic]

Hourly comics! I always hear about them the day after everyone does them!

I am going to make my own arbitrary hourly comics day, someday.

kobb_cheetah [userpic]

I think I've figured out the source of my frustration, when it comes to arty things.

[in which I peptalk at myself]Collapse )

For organization and artistic improvement - forward ho!

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kobb_cheetah [userpic]

* Organize a regular routine and stick to it - mostly to improve my efficiency in my freelance job, heh.

* Become diurnal again. X)

* Get out more - both in general and to sketchbook.

* Study and experiment more, artistically.

* Commit to an artistic community in such a way that I am challenged and forced to improve. I don't think I'm challenging myself enough, and I miss having the constant eyes-over-my-shoulder I had at school.

* Build a portfolio/demo reel I don't hate. :D

* Figure out how to network Quit being such a big sissy and take a few scary leaps.

kobb_cheetah [userpic]

Welcome to wave 2 of being sick, self!

Generally I only get sick about once per season. This might still count as just once, since I never quite got better from my last head cold. This one is a little different though. Coughing until I nearly gag myself! O the joy!

I also need to get some Flash work done, but this cold business is making it quite hard to concentrate! I'd much rather work on comic thumbnails :))) but that is concentration I should be spending on work. I think I will put on some rad music and push through the work so I can play later.

As a random aside, the new crossbow for the medic in TF2 is freakin' rad and I want one.

kobb_cheetah [userpic]

I live in close proximity to an oversensitive person, and it is quite frustrating. :T

The way I participate in conversations is heavy on discussion and debate. No, I am not arguing with you, I'm just exploring the topic.

Really, I'm not.

Oh, nevermind. I'll just sit in my room and draw rather than get stressed out with you.

kobb_cheetah [userpic]

Here I am, watching the Skyrim teaser over and over just to hear the music at the end.

How I can be so excited over something I know so little about yet, I am not quite sure. All I know is there will be Vikings Nords and dragons. And fantastic music. How can that go wrong?

If there were no Khajiit I suppose - I'm so predictable that way :V

kobb_cheetah [userpic]

Whoa, hello there LJ-that-I-have-been-neglecting.

There was a good reason for it, I promise. It went something like "Ugh all my posts will just be whining about stuff how annoying is that."

Well, I think I'm in a better position to avoid that. I finally managed to blunder my way into a job doing freelance illustration and animation in Flash. Very very small-time, but the pay is not bad at all. They also seem to like my stuff, so that's always a plus as well.

In the meantime, I've also been working on any number of little background projects (cut for taking up space)Collapse )

So yeah! Things is pretty good, but I'm still working on climbing out of an art rut. I wonder if there's any good place nearby to just sit down in public and draw people without losing my fingers to the ravages of winter... or at least without making this baby headcold of mine worse. Boy do I miss school and its free figure drawing sessions. :|

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kobb_cheetah [userpic]

Well, I got my "thanks but no thanks" email from Target. It's probably because of that wedding I have to be at, right as the Christmas shopping season is winding up. I couldn't sign their "I promise I am available all of these days" sheet. :P

On the bright side, having had a real sit-down interview was doubtless a good experience (to FINALLY have). The people who talked to me were nice, anyway.

...Kobb why are you such a n00000000b

kobb_cheetah [userpic]

So basically my sister wins at life.

She linked me to a cool sand animation that had happened at Ukraine's Got Talent... and near the end, what should happen but


None of you probably remember, but the BYU library plays music at closing time, and very early on I heard this awesome, epic, cellofied song that completely blew me away... but there was nobody around to ask about it. What was it called, what was the group? Was it a cello duet or some other combo?

It would still have been out of my grasp (as none of the songs were listed anywhere) except for the music claim on Youtube, linking to the iTunes download for a song? It was a gamble (there were multiple songs in the piece) but I struck gold.

So after THREE FREAKIN YEARS, I finally have a group and song name to go with the kickawesome mystery music.



kobb_cheetah [userpic]

One of my life goals has been to be able to catch an Ohio State football game, live at our home stadium. Well, I got to go today - my dad works for the medical center and gets discounted tickets.

Here is why it was awesome:

1) OSU won the game,
2) it was a 30-0 shutout (yeah D!),
3) ...in a torrential downpour  (for at least half the game at least) and where was I? That's right, B deck. With a roof over my head :>

BYU won too! They SHOULD have... but it's always good when they do. My sister marches in the band and says she got asked for a photo with someone's little kids X) so cute.


...but I shouted so much that my voice is deeper than it ought to be. I wonder if that means I will be able to sing some kickawesome tenor in church tomorrow. :B

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